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The Anniversary   By   Bill Macillwraith

Directed by Lesley McMaster

Director's Note

The central character in 'The Anniversary'is Mum, a woman whose possessiveness is a killer. She is thoroughly evil and glories in destroying anything that is good and kind and pure; for not being able to enjoy such feelings herself she is damned if anyone else will.

Mum keeps a tight hold on all of her three sons, binding them to her with gifts, threats and ruthless exploitation of their weaknesses. But as the family is unwillingly brought together to celebrate Mum's Wedding Anniversary (regardless of deceased Dad), revolt is in the air . . . . . . . .


Tom - Julian Mettrick

Shirley - Lisa Phillips

Henry - Steve Lyes

Terry - Reg Balmforth

Karen - Julie Waters

Mum - Lesley McMaster

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