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By Charles Dickens Adapted by Barbara Field

Directed by Clive Brynley-Jones

Director's Note

"Great Expectations", a most appropriate sentiment with which we all start the 3rd Millenium - let us hope we avoid Pip's disappoinments so far as we can. Remember Pip's over reliance on the propsect of so much unearned "portable property" brought about his downfall! I am not usually very taken by adaptations of great novels into plays, so was a little sceptical when we, the Masque Players, read this version of "Great Expectations" earlier this year. I was, however, very enthusiastic when we finished the reading. We were very fortunate to collect since our last production four new acting members in the shape of Mike Strand, Lizzie Paton, Thomas Haigh and Keiron Brown - four very talented new Masque Players. This was just as well in view of the size of the cast in this play! I hope you enjoy the show.


Pip - Mike Strand

Magwitch/Aged Parent - Michael Hedington

Joe Gargery - Reg Balmforth

Mrs Joe - Lesley McMaster

Jaggers/Clergyman - Steve Lyes

Pumblechook/Coachman/GalleyVoice - Sam Slade

Wemmick - Julian Mettrick

Herbert Pocket - Thomas Haigh

Miss Havisham - Doris Brynley-Jones

Estella - Lizzie Paton

Compeyson/Porter - David du Boulay

Lieutenant/Drummle/Tailor - Keiron Brown

Biddy - Amanda Cunningham

Clara/Miss Skiffins - Lisa Phillips

Molly - Juliet Lane

Mrs Pocket/Coffee house lady - Joan French

Narrator - Pat Pomphrey

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