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Here is a list of the plays, that the Masque Players have performed. You can get through quite a lot in 70 years!

Some we liked so much that we performed them more than once. As well as the main productions, the list includes some one-act plays.  

Thanks to all the members who have contributed Information on these productions ~ most notably Reg for letting the Group download from his site.

Move your mouse over the plays to find which have Gallery Photo's linked to them!


1943 Tobias and The Angel.

1944 Cradle Song.

1945 Lady precious steam

1946 Cradle Song.

1947 The Rose Without A Thorn.

1948 Jonah And The Whale.

1949 A Midsummer Night's Dream


1950 Twelfth Night.

1951 Much Ado About Nothing.

1952 As You Like It.

1953 A Winter's Tale.

1954 Macbeth.

1955 A Midsummer Night's Dream.

1956 Merry Wives Of Windsor.

1957 Merchant Of Venice,

Dark Lady Of The Sonnets,

The Rose Without A Thorn.

1958 The Laboratory,

Taming Of The Shrew.

1959 Twelfth Night,

Divided Councils,

Doctors' Delight.


1960 Macbeth, The Honest Man,

Much Ado About Nothing.

1961 Spark In Judea,

No Tears For Fred,

The Vicissitudes Of Vera.

1962 Wuthering Heights,

Rumpus At Railsford, Hamlet.

1963 The Vicissitudes Of Vera,

The Crucible.

1964 The Merry Wives Of Windsor,

Living Like Lords.

1965 The Devil's Disciple,

The Proposal,

The Queen And The Rebels.

1966 The Lesson, Hobson's Choice,

The Rape Of The Belt.

1967 Dirty Work At The Crossroad,

Epitaph For George Dillon, Billy Liar

1968 Tobias And The Angel,

Dinner With The Family.

1969 When We Are Married,

All Things Bright & Beautiful


1970 Hay Fever,


1971 Roots,

Maria Marten

1972 Farewell, Farewell Eugene,

Dick Whittington.

1973 Night Must Fall.

Sweeney Todd.

1974 A Murder Has Been Arranged,


1975 Not Now Darling,

Separate Tables,

1976 Ladies In Retirement,

Tom Jones.

1977 Olde Tyme Music Hall,

The Importance Of Being Earnest.

1978 Olde Tyme Music Hall,

The Ghost Train.

1979 Jane Eyre,

Bird In The Hand


1980 Small Hotel,

The Cherry Orchard.

1981 The Curious Savage,

A Tomb With A View.

1982 Devil May Care,

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.

1983 Silas Marner,

Rumpus At Railsford,

When We Are Married.

1984 Murder Happens,

The Happiest Days Of Your Life.

1985 Dear Brutus,  Uncle Harry.

1986 Celebration, 

The Hollow.

1987 Pride And Prejudice,

The Bandwagon.

1988 Anastasia,

A Murder Is Announced.

1989 Mystery At Blackwater,

The Murder Of Maria Marten


1990 Confusions,

Little Women.

1991 Rebecca,

A Month In The Country.

1992 This Happy Breed,

A Christmas Carol.

1993 Lady Windermere's Fan,

Daisy Pulls It Off.

1994 Penny For A Song,

The Bayonet.

1995 Outside Edge,

She Stoops To Conquer.

1996 Play On.  Tattletale Mary.

1997 Habeus Corpus

The Shop At Sly Corner.

1998 Wild Goose Chase.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Murder.

1999 Not Now Darling.

The Weekend


2000 Trivial Pursuits

Great Expectations.

2001 Then There Were None

The Ghost Train

2002 The Curious Savage

A Chorus Of Disapproval

2003 The Anniversary

Tom Jones

2004 Blithe Spirit

Night must fall

2005 Fish out of Water

Tales from the nightside

2006 California suite

Local Affairs

2007 Tons of Money

The Hollow

2008 Black Comedy

Mr A’s Amazing Maze Play

2009 Importance of being Earnest

A Christmas Carol


2010 A Murder Has Been Arranged

100 Years Of Entertainment

2011 Half way up the tree

Bedroom Farce

2012 Cash on Delivery

A Show for all Seasons

2013 The Cemetary Club

Allo Allo

2014 In at the deep end

A world of Entertainment

2015 Entertaining Angels

Seasons Greetings

2016 Wedding of the year

Trivial Pursuits

2017 When we are married

Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

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