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Fish out of Water

Directed by Sue Hayes

Director's Note

The play is a comedy set in a hotel on the Italian Riviera sometime in the early sixties. The characters are a mixed bunch of people and whatever happens to them are the sort of things that could (and do) happen to all of us on a holiday abroad. We have all met at some time a slightly pompous, well traveled couple, the gentleman with 'an eye for a pretty gal' and his wife who keeps him in check. The sisters one of whom is overbearing and the other submissive. The cockney lad who is 'only after one thing' and the bewildered chap whose life is dominated by timetables and routine. The other characters and their personal stories are interwoven into this delightful, realistic and amusing play.

This is the first play I have directed for Masque Players and it has been a joy to work with such a talented and dedicated group, both on and backstage.


Brigadier Hubback - Graham Dowe

Mrs Hubback - Mary Haigh

Marisa - Debbie Hayes

Dora Cowley - Sonia Mermagen

Agatha Hepworth - Pat Pomphrey

Fiona Francis - Jane Gifford

Mr Mallet - Gary Sharman

Julian Whittle - Jon Cox

Len Barrett - John Ely

Voice of Italian taxi driver - Pom Rinaldi

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