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Production Details

The Ghost Train

By  Arnold Riley

Directed by David du Boulay

Director's Notes

First staged in 1925, the Ghost Train has continued to be popular both on stage and in film. The author, Arnold Ridley (more popularly known as Private Godfrey in Dad's Army), conceived the idea for the play while enduring a four hour delay on a train journey from the Midlands. Although not technically easy to produce for the stage, the sounds of the train were originally achieved by using a drum, a thundersheet, a cylinder of compressed air and a garden roller! Fortunately, we can now rely on modern technology. Twenty three years have passed since the Masque Players produced this play. I hope that the bleak setting and haunting sound effects will again create an atmospheric thriller which will keep you in suspense.


Saul Hodgkin - Michael Hedington

Richard Winthrop - Steve Lyes

Elsie Winthrop - Lizzy Paton

Charles Murdock - Thomas Haigh

Peggy Murdock - Amanda Cunningham

Teddie Deakin - John Ely

Miss Bourne - Doris Brynley-Jones

Julia Price - Louse Paine

Herbert Price - Julian Mettrick

John Sterling - Reg Balmforth

Jackson - Jon Cox

First Policeman - Sam Slade

Second Policman - Keiron Brown

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