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Production Details


By Alan Bennett

Directed by Jane Rackham

(assisted by Clive Brynley -Jones)

Director's Notes

Alan Bennett has taken the traditional characters and situations of farce, trouser dropping, rushing in and out of doors, the cheeky maidservant, the pompous prog, the thrusting clergyman Canon Throbbing and welded them into a satirical saucy sideswipe at the swinging sixties.

The fun is fast and furious, the message and the moral non-existent and following examples from Plautus to Pinero and from Wilde to the Goons, Bennett has concocted a cocktail to be enjoyed without worrying too much about its ingredients.


SArthur Wickstead - Reg Balmforth

Muriel Wickstead - Jacqueline Lee

Dennis Wickstead - Steve Lyes

Constance Wickstead - Sarah Caddick

Mrs Swabb - Louise Paine

Canon Throbbing - Gary Sharman

Lady Rumpers - Rita Drake

Felicity Rumpers - Leanne Culham

Mr Shanks - John Ely

Sir Percy Shorter - Michael Hedington

Mr Purdue - Sam Slade

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