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By Ray Cooney & John Chapman

Directed by Reg Balmforth

Director's Note

A girl with no clothes, a seducer with no morals and a designer with no idea! These are the ingredients which make 'Not Now Darling' a feast of laughter. Gilbert Bodley embarks on the seduction of the lovely Janie McMichael, only to have his plans thwarted by the very man he is trying to cuckold. Afterwards, all attempts he makes to bring success to his plan, seem to be unwittingly turned against him by his partner, Arnold Crouch. When his wife returns unexpectedly Gilbert is forced to move suspicion to someone else. So, keep a close eye on the action and an ear tuned to the invention of a man destined to have something thrust upon him, even if it isn't greatness!


Miss Whittington - Lisa Phillips

Arnold Crouch - John Ely

Miss Tipdale - Carol Andrews

Mrs Frencham - Doris Brynley-Jones

Gilbert Bodley - Reg Balmforth

Commander Frencham - Michael Hedington

Harry McMichael - Steve Lyes

Jane McMichael - Sarah Caddick

Sue Lawson - Leanne Culham

Maude Bodley - Moira Stephenson

Mr Lawson - Julian Mettrick

Gilbert hears some shocking news from MissTipdale and Jane McMichael is naked under that coat!

Gilbert hasn't noticed that Jane is undressing in his store. She is about to teach him a lesson!

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