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The Curious Savage

Directed by Reg Balmforth

Director's Note

Mrs Savage, left 10 million dollars by her late husband, wants to set up a memorial fund in his name. Her grown-up step children can't believe she wants to give the money away and have her committed to a sanatorium. Whilst there, she meets various social misfits who need the help only Mrs Savage can provide. A delightful fantasy where each "guest" realizes some hopeless dream they were never able to attain and along the way, we all realize the importance of a little kindness and understanding.


Florence - Cathy Beckett

Hannibal - Jon Cox

Fairy May - Louise Paine

Jeffrey - John Ely

Mrs Paddy - Pat Pomphrey

Miss Willie - Lisa Phillips

Titus Savage - Steve Lyes

Lily Belle Savage - Lizzy Paton

Samuel Savage - Julian Mettrick

Dr Emmett - Doris Brynley-Jones

Mrs Savage - Lesley McMaster

John Thomas - Ben Fawcett

Photo's of the cast in rehersals

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