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Production Details

The shop at sly corner

By Edward Percy

Directed by Lesley McMaster


Director's Note


First presented in 1945, "The Shop At Sly Corner" ran in the West End of London for four years, was subsequently made into a film and has been a favourite "thriller" performed at theatres throughout the U.K.

It tells the story of widower, Descius Heiss, owner of an antique shop and to all appearances, a respectable gentleman - but actually involved in the buying and selling of stolen jewels and their safe disposal. His chief ain is to provide happiness and security for his daughter Margaret and to keep her in ignorance of his crime-ridden past and current nefarious activities - but there is someone else who discovers his secret............


Descius Heiss - Michael Hedington

Archie Fellowes - Steve Lyes

Margaret Heiss - Cathy Beckett

Joan Deal - Sarah Caddick

Mathilde Heiss - Pat Pomphrey

Mrs Catt - Joan French

Robert Graham - Patrick Cooney

Corder Morris - Reg Balmforth

Steve Hubbard - Richard Howlett

John Elliot - Adrian Howlett

This is a photo of the main characer Descius Heiss, in converstion over the value of some  'merchandise.

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