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Tattletale Mary

By Terry Grimwood

Directed by Terry Grimwood


Director's Note


December 1888 and the friends and family of the Reverend Frederick Talbot are gathering in Abbotsfield rectory for an evening of polite fellowship. But their secure little world of unassailable Victorian respectability is about to shattered when dark, long hidden secrets are revealed and terrible vengence unleashed, in the form of a certain, now infamous, serial killer fresh from the streets of faraway Whitechapel.


Voice - John Cooney

Mary Talbot - Lesley McMaster

Rev. Frederick Talbot - Adrian Howlett

Katie - Louise Paine

Elizabeth Talbot - Sarah Caddick

Dr. Jonathon Riplay - Patrick Cooney

Major Langley - Michael Hedington

Henrietta Langley - Pat Pomphrey

Emily Langley - Myra Daines

Rev. Robert Talbot - Steve Lyes

Jane Talbot - Leanne Culham

George Samuels - Reg Balmforth

Demon - Amanda Cunningham

Above is the cast of characters from Tattletale Mary, from left to right, back row:- Demon, Rev. Robert Talbot, Jane Talbot, Katie, George Samuels, Emily Langley, Dr. Jonathon Ripley, Elizabeth Talbot.

Front row sitting:- Mary Talbot, Rev. Frederick Talbot, Major Langley and Henrietta Langley.

This picture shows Dr. Jonathan Ripley trying to kill Elizabeth, after first killing George Samuels.

 George Samuels trying to convince Katie that there is   danger in the house.

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