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Production Details

‘Allo ‘Allo

By Lloyd & David Croft

Directed by Gary Sharman

Assisted by Matt Girt

Director's Note

'Allo 'Allo will be the closing production for this, our 70th anniversary year and I am proud to be directing this classic British comedy. I can remember all the evenings that I spent watching both this and the more serious 'Secret Army' from which it parodies both the setting, characters and situations.

Our 70th anniversary year has been a busy one for the Masque Players with not just our normal two productions but unusually three with a rerun of our critically acclaimed "The Cemetery Club" at the Sir John Mills theatre at the start of September.

It has been an enduring pleasure to be a part of the Masque Players and they have been gracious enough to vote me as their Chairman for the last 7 years. Not sure what I did to deserve this but I thank them all nonetheless.

Well, back to this evening. Get comfy and prepare for some good old fahioned fun at the absurdity of life in general and Second World War occupied France in particular. You all know the story. Rene runs a cafe and tries to balance his work for the French Resistance with keeping his wife and other lovers satisfied! Add in some bungling Germans, a randy Italian and a couple of upper class British Airmen and you have all the ingredients you need for a great evening!. Stir gently and just sit back and let it simmer!"



The French

Rene - Neil Jackson

Edith - Sue Hayes

Yvette - Cathy McLean

Leclerc - Patrick Cooney

Michelle - Karen Bunn

Mimi - Amanda Cimmingham

Peasant - Lesley McMaster

Peasant - June Parsons

Peasant - Gary Sharman

Peasant - Lawrence Sharman

The Germans/Italians

Colonel Von Stohm - Robin Saunders

Captain Bertorelli - Neville Woolnough

Herr Flick - Julian Mettrick

Helga - Lisa Phillips

Lieutenant Gruber - Jonny

General Von Schmelling - Reg Balmforth

1st German Soldier - Lawrence Sharman

2nd German Soldier - Peter Hands

The British

Crabtree - Matt Girt

1st Airman - Gary Sharman

2nd Airman - Lawrence Sharman

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