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Production Details

Wild Goose chase

By Derek Benfield

Directed by Clive Brynley-Jones

(assisted by Doris Brynley-Jones)

Director's Note

Wild Goose Chase' is set in the baronial hall of Elrood Castle. It is morning on a day in summer. Into the eccentric family of Lord Elrrod arrives the even more bizarre character of Chester Dreadnought. Chester is under the impression (correctly) that he is being hunted by two underworld characters. He has to avoid their attention as far as he can. How successfully or otherwise you can judge for yourselves. I hope you enjoy the chase.


Ada - Sarah Caddick

Lord Elrood - Adrian Howlett

Patricia - Louise Paine

Lady Elrood - Pat Pomphrey

Jenny Stewart - Moira Stephens

Miss Partridge - Lesley McMaster

Chester Dreadnought - John Ely

Capone - Reg Balmforth

Wedgwood - Sam Slade

Hilary Pond - Steve Lyes

Miss Partridge trying to find hidden treasure where there clearly isn't any!

The above picture show Capone and Wedgewood being foxed by the maid. How were we supposed to know that the man we are after is in the suit of armour!

The above is a picture of the cast of Wild Goose Chase in a rare moment of inactivity. Characters are from left to right, back row Miss Partridge, Ada, Lady Elrood, Lord Elrood, Jenny Stewart, Hilary Pond, Wedgewood. Front row, Capone, Patricia, Chester Dreadnought.

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