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Black Comedy

By Peter Shaffer

Directed by Gary Sharman 

Director's Note

'Black Comedy' unusually has most of it's action taking pace in a blackout!

The usual conditions of light and dark on stage, are reversed. So when the lights are on, its dark on stage, but when the lights 'fuse' the stage is bathed in light and we see the characters acting as if they are in a blackout. As you can imagine this provides a perfect backdrop for some great moments of 'physical comedy'.

Brindsley, a down at heel sculptor, is engaged to Carol an is trying to impress both her overbearing father and a reclusive German art collector, by inviting them over to view his latest sculpture. To try and make the right impression, he and Carol have 'borrowed' all the nice antique furniture and trimmings from his possessive next door neghbour, without asking.

The evening moves from bad to worse as the lights fuse in the building, then first one then the other next door neighbours turns up unrepentantly. Finally the unexpected arrival of his ex girlfriend and a German speaking electrician ensure this is probably going to be the worst evening of Brindsley's life!!

Gary Sharman.


Brindsley Miller - Matt Girt

Carol Melkett - Lisa Phillips

Miss Furnival - Sue Hayes

Colonel Melkett - Reg Balmforth

Harold Gorringe - Neil Jackson

Schppanzigh - Julian Mettrick

Clea - Emma Kettlewell

Georg Bamberger - Gary Sharman

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