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The Hollow

By Agatha Christie

Directed by


Director's Note

Welcome to our latest Masque Players production. We have chosen to present Agatha Christie's 'The Hollow', one of her less well known plays.

The action revolves around a weekend family gathering where an unhappy game of romantic 'Follow My leader' explodes into a murder scene.

This is my second time as director and I hope it goes down as well as the first, 'California Suite. thanks for coming and enjoy the show.

Julian Mettrick.


Henrietta Angkatell - Cathy McLean

Sir Henry Angkatell - Michael Hedington

Lady Angkatell - Jackie Wilks

Midge Harvey - Emma Kettlewell

Gudgeon - Reg Balmforth

Edward Angkatell - Patrick Cooney

Doris - Vaness Jarrold

Gerda Cristow - Lizzy Paton

John Cristow - Jon Cox

Veronica Craye - Sonia Mermagen

Inspector Colquhoun - Gary Sharman

Detective Sargeant Penny - Matt Girt.y

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