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Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays

By Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Reg Balmforth


Director's Note

I was looking for a play to direct for this November production, when I came across this little known Alan Ayckbourn. When I read it through for the 3rd time, I was convinced by the Masque Player membership that this was something we should try.

A minimilist set and some audience participation should help unravel the mystery of where all the sounds are going. The story that Mr Passerby tells Suzy and the unexpected arrival of a new neighbour convince our young heroine that someone nasty has come to town.

With the aid of her trusted dog (and the audience) she finds the elusive 'Cabinet Of Sound' and reveals the true nature of their new neighbour.

With the dramatic licence that comes with directing and the co-operation of a friendly audience, I think the Masque Players have a very different performance to give to their demanding audience.

See what you think.


Suzy - Lisa Phillips

Mother - Julie Waters

Neville - Gary Sharman

Father - Patrick Cooney

Mr Passerby - Neville Woolnough

Mr Accousticus - Reg Balmforth

1st Narrator - Emma Kettlewell

2nd Narrator - Matt Girt

3rd Narrator - Julian Mettrick

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