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Bedroom Farce    By  Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Julian Mettrick

Assistant Director - Elizabeth Cunningham

Director's Note

Welcome to The Masque Players latest production. We hope you will enjoy another typical comedy by the living legend that is Alan Ayckbourn.

Bedroom Farce is the story of four couples sharing the funny events of one very long night, the centrepience of which is a not very successful housewarming party at the home of young Kate and Malcolm. The set features three bedrooms and the action jumps from one to another in rapid fashion.

This is my fourth time as Director and as ever I;m very fortunate to have a brilliant cast and backstage team to work with. Thanks for coming and enjoy the play!


Ernest - Reg Balmforth

Delia - Jackie Wilks

Nick - Gary Sharman

Jan - Cathy McLean

Malcolm - Matt Girt

Kate - Lisa Phillips

Trevor - Neil Jackson

Susannah - Amanda Cunningham

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