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Production Details

Local Affairs

By Richard Harris

Directed by Gary Sharman

Director's Note

Local Affairs is a comedy set in a small superior housing estate at the start of the 1980's. The set ingeniously represents a bedroom, lounge and kitchen from various houses on the estate.

The comedy revolves around the trials and tribulations of three couples. Charles and Norma are trying to come up with suitable home-made fancy dress outfits for a forthcoming party. Meanwhile Keith and Susan are spending a weekend without the kids whilst trying to relight the 'spark' in their marriage. Elsewhere David and Hilary are attempting to cope with David's interfering mother, Mrs Hinson.

The action switches with increasing rapidity between the various rooms and houses as Mrs Hinson becomes the focus of everybody's anguish. A suicidal ex flame of Keith and white suited colleague of Charles, only adds to the climatic finale.

As my third outing as director, this is one of my all time favourite comedies. My thanks to all who helped put this together. So settle back in your seats and enjoy 'Local Affairs'.

Gary Sharman


Norma - Julie Waters

Mrs Hinson - Pat Pomphrey

Charles - Gary Sharman

Susan - Jane Gifford

David - Patrick Cooney

Keith - Reg Balmforth

Hilary - Sonia Mermagen

Peter - Julian Mettrick

Kathy - Lisa Phillips


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