Entertaining Ipswich for over 70 years

The Masque Players Kesgrave

Production Details

100 years of Entertainment

By Masque Players

Directed by Karen Bunn

Musical Director - Bill Stoddart

Director's Note

Well, what a time we've had in the past 12 weeks at rehearsals. Tears, tantrums. . . and that's jus the director. But Seriously, the last time the Masque Players of Kesgrave performed a Music Hall was in the 70's. Well, I'm thrilled to say, they're back!

"100 Years Of Entertainmant" will take you through a journey of 'Old Time' in the park. 'War Time' village hall cheer, 50's Rock & Roll and right up to the minute with songs from Les Miserables. In between these chorus sections are a variety of sketches, songs and indescribable events... that have to be seen to be believed.

I feel hounoured to have been given the opportunity to direct sucha talented group of people (both in front and behind the curtains) who have put their heart and soul into this show. From the bottom of my heart I thank them for their ongoing commitment and I thank you for attending - which is what it's all about.

I hope that you agree with me that there is something for everyonein this Autumn's show and,like me, you may leave the hall wondering why this talented group haven't done this sooner. Sit back. relax and enjoy.


Old Time Section in Park - Chorus

Albert & The Lion - Reg Balmforth

Solo - Gary Sharman

Been to a Marvellous Party - Brenda Caddick, Sue Hayes, Nikki Dunn, Amanda Cunningham & Julie Waters

Laurel & Hardy - Lonesome Pine - Patrick Cooney & Neville Woolnough

Sandwich Board - Elizabeth Cunningham

Comedy Sketch - Julie Waters & Amanda Cunningham

Solo - Karen Bunn

Yorkshiremen Sketch - Neville Woolnough, Neil Jackson, Patrick Cooney & Julian Mettrick

Lilly Marlene - Sue Hayes

Wartime Section - Village Hall - Chorus


Rock and Roll - Chorus

Ying Tong Song - Gary Sharman, Reg Balmforth & Neville Woolnough

Lampost Sketch - Julia Waters & Matt Girt

Matermind Sketch - Gary Sharman & Julian Mettrick

Duet - Karen Bunn & Bill Stoddart

News Sketch - Lisa Phillips, Vanessa Jarrold, Neil Jackson & Julian Mettrick

Monologue - Sharon Sturman

Chicago Song - Matt Girt, Lisa Phillips, Cathy McLean & Chorus

Instrumental - Bill Stoddart

Finale - Les Miserables - Chorus


Karen Bunn, Julie Waters, Julian Mettrick, Gary Sharman, Amanda Cunningham, Brenda Caddick, Norma Calver, Elizabeth Cunningham, Rita Drake, Nikki Dunn, Madeleine Wellings, June Parsons, Cathy McLean, Rebecca Bowles, Patrick Cooney, Reg Balmforth, Neil Jackson, Matt Girt, Lisa Phillips, Neville Woolnough, Sharon Sturman, Vanessa Jarrold, Esme McLean, Sue Hayes.

Compere - Philip Rawle

Choreographer - Sue Hayes

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