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Halfway up the Tree

By Peter Ustinov

Directed by Reg Balmforth

Director's Note

General Sir Mallalieu Fitzbuttress has returned from a 4 year stint in Malaya, to find his household isn't exactly as he had left it. The apparent lack of enthusiasm for his return, lead him to question the way of life he has been leading. Taking inspiration from his non-conformist brood, he prepares to make a better life for himself, as a tramp!

As his travels come to the attention of the media, he is forced to take refuge in his own garden, where the laws of property protect him. His family seek to attract him back into the fold but find it is they that have to bend to the iron will of the General.

With revelations about each character, slowly coming to the fore, this is a wonderful insight into the 1960's way of life, as seen from the inside of family life.


Helga Rasmussen - Emma Kettlewell

Lady Fitzbuttress - Jackie Wilks

General Sir Mallalieu Fitzbuttress- Reg Balmforth

Robert Fitzbuttress - Matt Girt

Lesley - Vanessa Jarrold

Judy Fitzbuttress - Lisa Phillips

Brigadier 'Tiny' Gilliatt- Brown - Neil Jackson

Basil Utterwood- Julian Mettrick

Vicar - Patrick Cooney

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