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Tons of Money

By Will Evans & Valentine Adapted by Alan Ackbourn

Directed by


Director's Note

Tons of Money is a farce set in the 1920's. Aubrey Allington, an unsuccessful inventor who owes money to everyone, inherits the life interest in a fortune left to him by his long-forgotten brother. However, in the event of Aubrey's death, it reverts to his cousin, George Maitland (who is thought to have died abroad).

Aubrey, assisted by his wife Louise, has the brilliant idea of 'dying' so that he can resurrect himself as his cousin and thus avoid payment of his own enormous debts. With the appearance of other imposters and inevitably things going horribly wrong, we have a hilarious play which will have the audience in stitches.

I am fortunate to have assembled a highly talented cast some of whom are new to Masque Players but who will be familiar to local theatre audiences. My thanks go to them and also to the hard working and supportive Production Team without whom my position as director would be much more difficult.

Sue Hayes.


Sprules - Matt Girt

Simpson - Lizzie Paton

Miss Benita Mullett -Mary Haigh

Louise Allington- Karen Bunn

Aubrey Henry Maitland Allington - Ian Quickfall

Giles - Michael Hedington

James Chesterman - Julian Mettrick

jean Everard - Claire Turner

Henery - Reg Balmforth

George Maitland - Steve Henley

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