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A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens  Adapted by Shaun Sutton

Directed by Matt Girt    Assistant Director Sue Hayes

Director's Note

Welcome to the Masque Players production of Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', oe of the most well known of Dickens' works. This is the story of Scrooge and the visits that he receives from the ghost of Marley (his former business partner) and the three ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, who try to make him realise the way he is leading his life is nto as it should be and he can change the error of his ways.

I was in the Masque Players production of 'A Christmas Carol' inm 1992, when I played the part of Peter Crachit and remembering that experience, I decided to direct the same play this year. This is the first time that I have directed a production with the Masque Players and it has been a pleasure working with such a great group. Also, this is the first time in the Masque Players history, we have three generations of the same family in one production, John, Patrick and Gus Cooney.

I hope you enjoy the show.

"Bah Humbug"


Woman - Cathy McLean

Boy - Jake Tacchi

First Girl - Tallulah Tacchi

Second Girl - Esme McLean

Third Girl - Abi McLean

Scrooge - Reg Balmforth

Bob Crachit - Patrick Cooney

Fred - Philip Sharman & Matt Girt

First Portly Gentleman - Neil Jackson

Second Portly Gentleman - Neville Woolnough

Lad - Jake Tacchi

Marley - Gary Sharman

Spirit Of Christmas Past - Sonia Mermagen

Daniel - Julian Mettrick

Farmer Greenrow - John Cooney

Daughter - Karen Bunn

Scrooge as a Lad _ Gus Cooney

Mr Fezziwig - Neil Jackson

Dick - Philip Sharman & Matt Girt

Mrs Fezziwig - Julie Waters

Emma - Lisa Phillips

Fanny - Sharon Sturman

Dora - Cathy McLean

Augusta - Karen Bunn

Adolphus - Ian Quickfall

Spirit Of Christmas Present - Ian Quickfall

First Cockney - Neil Jackson

Second Cockney - Neville Woolnough

TinyTim - Gus Cooney

Agnes - Lisa Phillips

Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come - Sharon Sturman

Mrs Cratchit - Amands Cunningham

First Businessman - Gary Sharman

Second Businessman - Ian Quickfall

Third Businessman - Julian Mettrick

Belinda - Molly Thomas

Sarah - Tallulah Tacchi

Peter - Jake Tacchi

Martha - Elizabeth Cunningham

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