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NAME : This amateur dramatic group shall be known as The Masque Players'

OBJECT: To produce plays for public performance.

MEMBERS: Members are individuals who have paid their annual subscription or those who have been granted honorary life membership for past services. Members are eligible to attend and vote at Business Meetings.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: These will be payable on an annual calendar year basis i.e by 1st January. Subscription rates shall be determined at the Business Meetings. Honorary Life members shall pay no subscription.

OFFICERS: There shall be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Business Manager and Membership Secretary elected annually at the Autumn Business Meeting. These officers will collectively constitute the Committee.

ELECTIONS: Elections for officers will require a proposer and seconder for nominations, which can be either in writing or from the floor.

MEETINGS: There shall be two general meetings annually held in the spring and autumn, to be known as Business Meetings. Other general meetings may be convened as required. A quorum shall be 10 full members which shall include 2 members of the Committee.

DECISIONS: Most decisions made at Business Meetings will be subject to simple majority voting, where a vote is sought and voting is limited to paid up members only. Some decisions may be delegated either to the Committee or to a specialist sub-committee or to a production team. Proposals to alter the constitution or to spend more than a quarter of the total assets of the group, other than on normal production costs, cannot be delegated and will require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at the Business Meeting.

FUNDS: The assets of the group will be deposited with financial institutions determined at the Business Meetings. Accounts shall be held in the name of the 'Masque Players'. Signatories will be any two of the Chairman, Business Manager and Treasurer.

DISSOLUTION: In the event of the 'Masque Players' being dissolved, any remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members of the group but shall be given or transferred to some other local voluntary group having objects similar to those of the group.

December 2008

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Kesgrave Community is located just off Bell lane

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