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Production Details

Wedding of the year

By Norman Robbins

Directed by Sue Hayes

Director's Note

Oh the joy of directing again for the Masque Players!

This relatively little performed play sees Alison Murchinson, plain, tubby unloved and              bespectacled has been entered into a Wedding of the Year competition by her uncle even before he has found her a suitable husband.!

Could Melvyn, a frustrated inventor and an appallingly clumsy young man possibly fit the bill?  However, the best laid plans………..!

Sit back and enjoy this comedy which has a surprise ending!



Ethel Murchinson       Lesley McMaster

 Peggy Ramskill        Julie Waters

 Walter Thornton       Peter Phillips

 Frank Edwards         Neil Jackson

 Alison Murchinson    Helen Johns

 Honoria Murchinson  Cathy McLean

 Matilda Murchinson   Chris Fryer

 Melvyn Thornton        Matt Girt  

 Harry Elphinstone     Steve Watts

 Priscilla Murchinson   Jackie Wilks

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